Top Reasons Why Sustainable Farming is Vital

At present, sustainable farming is one of the growing popular practices that is very important to the welfare and health of our world. Though present industrial agriculture is very productive and could also offer a huge amount of plants within a harvest season, this system also introduces long-term issues as well as lot of damages that could only be resolved by the sustainable farming practices. Because of the little decline in the farming environment now a days around the world today, here are few reasons for why sustainable farming is a best solution for most of the agricultural needs.

Stabilize the Food Supply

Industrial agriculture usually improvise the farms to consolidate into huge corporations. This type of method could save lot of bucks, mainly for the individual farmers. However, this could also mean that the issues of a single company can hugely impact a lot of proportion of the nation’s farmers. In such situations, sustainable farming is decentralized very easily and it also limits the financial problems impact to little percentage of its agriculture industry.

Increases the Animals Welfare

With a firm that is forwarded mainly by profit margins, industrial factory farming is well known for improving the poor treatment of the animals. Farmers in the industry can save their money by keeping our as many animals as they can into a small space, that in turn creates an inhumane and horrific way of life for the animals. On the other hand, sustainable agriculture provides a best life for the animals by keeping limited number of them with the plant-based farm, that gives the animals a a sufficient space to roam as well as to graze.

Reduces the Pollution

When the fertilizers utilized by the farms of industrial plant could help to improve the plant growth, they could also create  polluted runoff water that could in turn highly ruin the natural environment. This industrial animal farming creates lot if waste that pollute the waters and it is also known for its production of methane gas that greenhouse gas which is very harmful to the earth’s atmosphere. Whereas, sustainable agriculture cleared all these problems by using natural fertilizers and crop rotation and while minimizing the animals also on a farm. Though this process also involves a bit of pollution, it could be blended with the water reclamation and recycling efforts to overcome the problem.

Get Rid of Monoculture

Industrial agriculture mainly depends on the monoculture process that involves single plant breed planting in many fields. This practice could be very dangerous, as depending on just a single breed can cause the plants to become more vulnerable to many diseases that could rapidly spread from a plant to plant. Even a single disease can wipe out total crop of industry, which can cause food prices to spike. So it’s better to follow the sustainable farming.

Make Better Use of Land

Industrial farming uses lot of land as most of its fields consists of a a single crop and as it is difficult to make use of an entire mixed field. This leads the farmers to spend more money acquiring other plots of land. On the other hand sustainable farming keeps several crops on just a single plot of land, by combining shorter shade loving plants with tall sun-loving plants. This could give more food per acre and also let farmers to free up more land for preservation purposes.