Best Career Options in Agricultural Field

Gone are the days when agriculture is considered as just the work that had be done in mud and sand under for sun waiting for the growth of the crops. At present, the agriculture sector has improvised a lot in plenty of ways that lot of career options in agriculture have sprouted over the time, providing the young literates with numerous options to choose from. No wonder in saying that alone in the United States, nearly 75000 jobs in agriculture field are available per year. Even the countries like UK that too has advanced a lot in agriculture is experiencing for issue of shortage of labor as the actors of horticultural are constantly continually struggle to find the employees to work year after year. So obviously, there would be no exact time and better option to start your career in agriculture. However still you are not convinced of its popularity, here are the list of career options available on agriculture that are in most demand and are of high paying.


Biochemists is of studying and analyzing various living organisms to seek for new ways to improve the human lives. Mainly in the agricultural field, their work is based on developing the new crops that are more resistant against storms, drought, or insect infestations. Biochemist scholars are very vital for agriculture, mainly with the unexpected effects of global warming and weather conditions.

If you think to make your future generations to enjoy the the taste of the cooked warm rice, then be sure to be updated of this job. The average annual salary would be around $92 to $95.

Agricultural Lawyer

Agricultural lawyers are the people who are mainly responsible for all the disputes related to the agricultural land and in making sure that all the rules and regulations of the government are considered in it. As there is a list of regulations in law regarding property, these agricultural lawyers sometimes have to with problems related to agricultural insurance, infrastructure and intellectual property also. They are also responsible of the cases that involve proper land use, environmental protection and labor laws.Though this agriculture lawyer is bit stressful, this career compensated pretty good. So, if are the one inserted in fighting for people’s right and in saving the environment, then this career option in agriculture would be a very great one for you. Best of all, with plenty or village people fighting for the land every day, you would never run out of clients.

Average annual salary for this job would be around $116.

Agricultural Economist

To become an agricultural economist, the main thing you have to be ready with is to wear various hats. Agricultural economists not only work as the market analysts and researchers, but also as the land appraisers, consultants and business advisors. These people deal with everything and anything related to do with the agricultural market, from improving forecasts and suggesting their clients to analyzing and determining the land price and also on analyzing which crops to grow. Because of this work magnitude, it is no surprise that why they are paid lot of money. If you have good multitasking skills and if you like variety in the work you do, then you couldn’t find better job than this. The average annual salary for this would be around $105.