Top Reasons Why Sustainable Farming is Vital

At present, sustainable farming is one of the growing popular practices that is very important to the welfare and health of our world. Though present industrial agriculture is very productive and could also offer a huge amount of plants within a harvest season, this system also introduces long-term issues as well as lot of damages that could only be resolved by the sustainable farming practices. Because of the little decline in the farming environment now a days around the world today, here are few reasons for why sustainable farming is a best solution for most of the agricultural needs.

Stabilize the Food Supply

Industrial agriculture usually improvise the farms to consolidate into huge corporations. This type of method could save lot of bucks, mainly for the individual farmers. However, this could also mean that the issues of a single company can hugely impact a lot of proportion of the nation’s farmers. In such situations, sustainable farming is decentralized very easily and it also limits the financial problems impact to little percentage of its agriculture industry.

Increases the Animals Welfare

With a firm that is forwarded mainly by profit margins, industrial factory farming is well known for improving the poor treatment of the animals. Farmers in the industry can save their money by keeping our as many animals as they can into a small space, that in turn creates an inhumane and horrific way of life for the animals. On the other hand, sustainable agriculture provides a best life for the animals by keeping limited number of them with the plant-based farm, that gives the animals a a sufficient space to roam as well as to graze.

Reduces the Pollution

When the fertilizers utilized by the farms of industrial plant could help to improve the plant growth, they could also create  polluted runoff water that could in turn highly ruin the natural environment. This industrial animal farming creates lot if waste that pollute the waters and it is also known for its production of methane gas that greenhouse gas which is very harmful to the earth’s atmosphere. Whereas, sustainable agriculture cleared all these problems by using natural fertilizers and crop rotation and while minimizing the animals also on a farm. Though this process also involves a bit of pollution, it could be blended with the water reclamation and recycling efforts to overcome the problem.

Get Rid of Monoculture

Industrial agriculture mainly depends on the monoculture process that involves single plant breed planting in many fields. This practice could be very dangerous, as depending on just a single breed can cause the plants to become more vulnerable to many diseases that could rapidly spread from a plant to plant. Even a single disease can wipe out total crop of industry, which can cause food prices to spike. So it’s better to follow the sustainable farming.

Make Better Use of Land

Industrial farming uses lot of land as most of its fields consists of a a single crop and as it is difficult to make use of an entire mixed field. This leads the farmers to spend more money acquiring other plots of land. On the other hand sustainable farming keeps several crops on just a single plot of land, by combining shorter shade loving plants with tall sun-loving plants. This could give more food per acre and also let farmers to free up more land for preservation purposes.

Best Career Options in Agricultural Field

Gone are the days when agriculture is considered as just the work that had be done in mud and sand under for sun waiting for the growth of the crops. At present, the agriculture sector has improvised a lot in plenty of ways that lot of career options in agriculture have sprouted over the time, providing the young literates with numerous options to choose from. No wonder in saying that alone in the United States, nearly 75000 jobs in agriculture field are available per year. Even the countries like UK that too has advanced a lot in agriculture is experiencing for issue of shortage of labor as the actors of horticultural are constantly continually struggle to find the employees to work year after year. So obviously, there would be no exact time and better option to start your career in agriculture. However still you are not convinced of its popularity, here are the list of career options available on agriculture that are in most demand and are of high paying.


Biochemists is of studying and analyzing various living organisms to seek for new ways to improve the human lives. Mainly in the agricultural field, their work is based on developing the new crops that are more resistant against storms, drought, or insect infestations. Biochemist scholars are very vital for agriculture, mainly with the unexpected effects of global warming and weather conditions.

If you think to make your future generations to enjoy the the taste of the cooked warm rice, then be sure to be updated of this job. The average annual salary would be around $92 to $95.

Agricultural Lawyer

Agricultural lawyers are the people who are mainly responsible for all the disputes related to the agricultural land and in making sure that all the rules and regulations of the government are considered in it. As there is a list of regulations in law regarding property, these agricultural lawyers sometimes have to with problems related to agricultural insurance, infrastructure and intellectual property also. They are also responsible of the cases that involve proper land use, environmental protection and labor laws.Though this agriculture lawyer is bit stressful, this career compensated pretty good. So, if are the one inserted in fighting for people’s right and in saving the environment, then this career option in agriculture would be a very great one for you. Best of all, with plenty or village people fighting for the land every day, you would never run out of clients.

Average annual salary for this job would be around $116.

Agricultural Economist

To become an agricultural economist, the main thing you have to be ready with is to wear various hats. Agricultural economists not only work as the market analysts and researchers, but also as the land appraisers, consultants and business advisors. These people deal with everything and anything related to do with the agricultural market, from improving forecasts and suggesting their clients to analyzing and determining the land price and also on analyzing which crops to grow. Because of this work magnitude, it is no surprise that why they are paid lot of money. If you have good multitasking skills and if you like variety in the work you do, then you couldn’t find better job than this. The average annual salary for this would be around $105.

Best Ways to Improve your Farm’s Crop Yields

With the implementation of modern planting techniques, equipment and technologies, there would be no exact reason for why your farm crops should not yield the profits for the business of your farming. While you mainly depend on the production to get your final line, it is required to follow few tips to maintain crop sustainability. There are plenty of various techniques that could be processed to help farmers clearly understand about their crops, for example, the ability to check out the soil nutrients for a better outcome.

With agriculture becoming a critical industry, there is no space for environmental and climate conditions to highly impact the opportunities of the harvest. But you would always face the consequences because of your farming decisions. Same thing with facing decision to choose which Affordable & Reliable Plumbing Services in buderim you’ve opt to is extremely a wise consequences. So, in order to improve your crop production, you have to adjust your approach and have adopt the best technique. Before you start your farming, you have to check about the soil quality as well as seeds and your planting technique as different type of plants need different planting methods. Here are a few best farming way to take in to consideration while looking to increase your crop yield:

Weed often and early too

When you notice your crops getting invaded by the weeds, then it’s better to make a plan to take off all them before the situation becomes complicated, Weeds are very invasive and could easily take out all the nutrients that make your crops to survive.  You would be able to remove any clues of the weed when you scout the fields ahead.

Make use of the fertilizers

As a part of the process, soil cultivation is very vital to maintain the optimal soil conditions for your crop fields. Though water helps the crops to grow, even the soil need nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and potassium to help enhance the process of growth. This method could be  little time taking process without any fertiliser spreader, so be sure that you consists the exact equipment in hand to have the spreading technique that is easy and is also of efficient.

Best to Plant early

By checking out the past seasons, you would be able to formalise the plan of the crop about when to plant it.  The main reason for this is that you would be able to study and learn the crucial things from the success or failures of your previous ones before going into the new season. And before all the things, it is very important to perform a test of the soil as your soil condition would directly influence the your crops growth. Once you have studied and analysed it, you would be able to start planting.

Final words

There are plenty of steps involved in planting of crop before you can see the benefits and have a best harvest. Though this may sound bit complicated, it is simple when you plan it accordingly and consists exact tools to get the job done. Start in a correct way from the initial step, so that you would be easily maximize yields.

Vietnam – Agricultural Life

Vietnam is known as an agricultural country with nearly 80% of population involving in agriculture and almost its farmers are facing difficulties. For many people, the current life is like a dream as compared to that of some years ago. The changes have been brought by an economic boom which is thought as one of the reasons for a wider gap between the rich and the poor.

Many citizens want to visit the countryside at the weekend or want to live there for the rest of life to enjoy quietness and clean climate, fresh and cheap food. They are bored with the crowd, pollution, smog, and noise. This becomes a trend in some big cities including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Contrary to such trend, more and more people from rural areas poor into cities in the hope that they will find a job to improve their lives. If visiting a village on a normal day, you may meet old people, women, children or pupils only, the youth are often absent from home, they either work or study at centers or in cities and come back home on special occasions or Tet’s holiday. The life in the countryside remains peaceful like it was before but there are more reasons to worry, more babies are born annually while land for agriculture is narrowed. Fortunately, local authorities have started making some measures to stimulate agriculture.

Living in the city for a long time, I came back to my village with mixed feelings, I wondered if it changed and how it was. I was eager to meet relatives, visit the places and people that were attached to my childhood. Those days were so hard but we had chances to experience traditionally unique games. Now, life is better, which entitles children to better care and education but they may never know about traditional games or real childhood. My long stay at the village helps me understand more about so-called modern difficulties. Inflation, high price, lower demands for agricultural products, school fees have challenged farmers. Almost personal expenses depend on money got from selling rice, agricultural products. A poor crop may become a catastrophe.

I am really happy to know that children often join an evening club, where they can share learning experiences, sing, dance or discuss how to help poor members. This is a helpful activity. After the club, they have a better view about life and surrounding people. The modernization may affect these villages but I believe that many people want to keep their tradition alive.

Agricultural Assistant Resume

Writing an effective resume is very important in all the professional fields. A resume brings forth your qualifications for a particular position. It is one of the most vital documents in your job search procedure. An agricultural assistant is a person who coordinates in diverse agricultural projects and schemes. One of his major responsibilities is also to promote agriculture.

Now, we are going to talk about a few things that you must consider while writing an agricultural assistant resume:

1. Resume objective

It is undoubtedly the most important part of your resume. You really need to craft an objective that grabs the attention of the employer at the very first instance. It should not exceed more than 6 – 8 words. It should be precise and to the point. If you write long sentences then the reader would lose interest. Make sure you do not write a job objective that is vague or generic.

2. Education and Schooling

The employers are very much interested to know your educational qualifications in regard to the job you are applying for. Under this heading, you simply need to talk all that you have achieved in your college life in terms of education. You could mention any associate degree that you possess. A Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences is an apt degree for this post.

3. Personal Details and Skills

It is very important to talk about a few of your skills that relate to the post you are applying for. You could say that you have good technical knowledge that is very important in this field. You must also state your proper contact information in the resume. You need to mention your telephone number, address and email id.

4. Job History

Your job history matters a lot. So, make sure you mention two or three lines regarding your previous employers and company. For instance, you can indicate taht you had previously worked at Glass repair Brisbane Northside for 3 years and earned huge experience as glazier. You also need to mention some of the tasks that you had to perform in your previous workplace. You could say that you had to organize various activities that are environment-friendly in your previous company.

Fulfilling a Destiny by Teaching Agriculture

Picture it, to steal a catchphrase from the late Estelle Getty of The Golden Girls, 1995, Morristown-West High School, vocational hall, second classroom on the left. Mr. Phil Wright is lecturing on safety in agriculture mechanics. A very small sophomore is sitting in the first seat listening to someone that absolutely fascinates him instead of taking down the information that is being presented. I certainly did not master the art of welding or woodworking by listening to this man (by no fault of his), but I was able to come to a very important conclusion. During this ag. 2 class, I decided what my future and my destiny hold…a career teaching agriculture. During my venture as an agriculture teacher, I have had many rewarding times, a few disappointments and more opportunities for adaptation than I would have ever imagined.

Current Role:

I am one of three teachers in the agriculture department at Cocke County High School in Newport, TN. Each teacher is unique in that they specialize in a certain area of the field. The senior member of our team is the agriculture mechanics and wildlife management “guy”. We have a horticulture specialist that is in charge of the greenhouse classes. I teach small animal care and forestry; two classes that I am very familiar and comfortable with. I am also certified to teach agriscience, in which the students can earn a science credit. I also occasionally teach the fundamentals of agriculture and usually one landscape and turfgrass management class in the spring. My favorite part of my job is the work I do involving the FFA. I was very active in the FFA during my high school years and I carried my passion for this organization with me to Cocke County. I never miss a year at Leadership Training Camp and I regularly attend the state FFA convention in Gatlinburg. I train FFA members for seven or eight career development events throughout the school year. I found out during my first year of teaching that I certainly was not going to be a teacher that reported in at 8 a.m. and left at 3:30 p.m. five days a week. Sure, I could do that, but the one important factor that would suffer from the lack of dedication that would show is the students.

Teaching Preferences and Methods:

Being satisfied with the classes that an instructor teaches makes a big difference in whether they enjoy their job or not. I could not say that I enjoyed the classes I taught during my first year. I was given the task of teaching an aquaculture class my first semester. I can sum that class up in one word – terrible. I had never been exposed to any of the material that I had to convey to the students. Actually, I needed to be in one of their seats with someone instructing me. After that semester, thankfully, I have never had to teach that again. But, on a positive side, Cocke Co. High School offered the students the opportunity to take small animal care. My family and I have raised and shown rabbits for the past 16 years, so I was eagerly awaiting the chance to teach some of the concepts that I had been practicing for a long time. I am more comfortable teaching in a classroom setting. I certainly do not belong in the ag. shop and I would prefer not to be responsible for the greenhouse crop. I do, however, enjoy showing students how to prepare a rabbit for an upcoming show by clipping their toenails and cleaning their ears out the proper way. I also enjoy the opportunity to inform students about the types of trees that are around the school’s campus and just what might be in their front yards.

During my first few years of teaching, the major method of instruction that I used was lecturing, with textbook assignments and an occasional video as reinforcements. I would imagine that any seasoned teacher will advise you that lecturing is not always the best or most practical method for delivering information. I still provide copies of my notes to each student, but use PowerPoint presentations, using a Promethean Board, as more of an attention-getter these days.

Rapport With Students and Strengths:

I certainly cannot reach each and every student that enters my classroom. I would love to think it is possible, but I concluded early on that it is not. One thing that I learned to do is to take student’s personal situations into account before passing judgment on them. I usually never ask a student more than simply “What’s wrong?” if I see they are not acting like they usually do. I have found that that one question shows that you are taking a genuine interest in them and normally they will tell you what has made them upset, depressed or angry. I always factor that into their performance for that day. Teenagers, just like adults, do not have “good days” everyday. A student came to me one day during my lunch period crying during my first year. I quickly got up to see what was wrong. Just as I suspected, it was over her boyfriend. When I returned, another faculty member told me that she would not have had her lunch interrupted for that. Even as a first-year teacher, I did not agree with her way of thinking. If this situation was important enough for this student to come to me about, I should at least be willing to listen. Over the years, I have been thanked quite a few times for taking the time to allow a student to vent over something that upset them or to allow them to cry when they needed to. I realized that the only support that some of these students get are from me.

I guess one of the strengths I possess as a teacher is my ability to adapt to new and ever-changing situations. Being a high school teacher, your daily schedule is bound to change at least once per week.